Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller

Become Lajvar business partner

Lajvar Aquatic Feed Factory,as specialized producer of aquatic feed, invites the qualified Natural persons and legal entities to cooperate with in order to develop sales and marketing activities of its products.

While thanking you dear ones for expressing your desire to join the large Lajvar family, we ask the dear applicants to carefully read the following conditions before completing the application form and then proceed to fill the form.

General conditions for applying for representation:

  1. Ownership of the shop or at least the rent document and the Key-Money (good-will) ownership of the shop in the right place
  2. Business license
  3. Work experience and good status in the aquaculture industry (preferably wholesale)
  4. Having facilities for the distribution of goods in the designated area of activity (warehouse with appropriate area, personnel and etc.,)
  5. Having valid resources, financial credit or credential guarantee.


First, the applicant must complete and submit the agency application form so that the next steps can be taken after reviewing it by our experts.

Reminder: Completing and submitting the application documents does not make any accountability for the company to select a representative.