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Company establishment

Lajvar Company has developed its aquatic feed production lines, using the most advanced equipment, machines, standards and modern knowledge in the world in order to have a more effective presence in domestic and foreign markets and to produce various products in accordance with the needs of customers and international standards. This company will be able to produce various products from various types of aquatic feed in the country in floating, slowly sinking and sinking forms. As a leading company in the field of production of fish feed, the recent full launch of the Lajvar development plans will surely cause the company to be also the largest producer in the field of shrimp feed to meet the country's need not to import this product any more. Lajvar Aquatic Feed Factory is established in Arak by using the advanced technology and equipment, expertise and knowledge, and professionals of aquatic feed production industry. The Lajvar aquaculture feed factory is very resolute to be one of the top five companies in the field of aquaculture production in the world by applying the new management systems and high organizational quality based on the efficient manpower, improving the quantity and quality of aquatic

Objectives and Visions

The Lajvar Aquatic Feed Factory considers all-inclusive and sustainable development as a prerequisite for its growth and survival, and in that way, in order to achieve this important goal and to satisfy its customers, agents and employees, it has prepared a mission statement and organizational values as follows:

  • To create new and incentive mechanisms to increase customer satisfaction
  • To improve continuously and upgrade constantly its systems and after-sales services
  • To develop and stabilize the domestic and foreign sales markets
  • To reduce and manage the ultimate costs

This company believes that this is possible only with the support and empathy of its addressees and by contributing their opinions in the form of a team.

Main Objectives

Being a leader means not stop, and achieving higher horizons has always been a better driving force to improve the quality of its products and services. The strategy is to use the best and to deliver the first, and our goals can be summarized as follows:

  • To achieve maximum consumer satisfaction and getting along with them at all stages
  • To provide the highest quality in affordable services and products with regard to the originality of the products
  • To use the new methods and technologies in the production of organic and qualified feed
  • To avoid the tricking commercials and focus on solving the existing problem instead
  • اTo provide full after-sales service and professional counsel
  • To move straight on the way of globalization
Number of Staff
Sales Agents
Variety of Products
Covered Countries

The great family of Lajvar

Achieving great goals of a system will be possible only with all its components. We are very happy to have gathered the best people in the large Lajvar family and we are happy to serve you.

Organizational values

The Lajvar Aquaculture Feed Factory believes that the ethical management is not only a good means to respond to rapid changes in the global business atmosphere, but also a means to build trust in its various stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and the local communities.
• We respect the dignity and diversity of each individual.
• Our power is in respecting our words..
• We value commitment as a value for mutual respect.
• We compete fairly in accordance with the law and business ethics.
• We protect and value the intellectual property of the Company and other individuals.
• We consider accountability as one of the most important motives for our progress.
• Quality is the factor that has made our customers a friend today.
• We do not speak outside our area of expertise.
• We consider honesty and integrity not just as an individual virtue but a pillar of creation.

The honors that Lajvar has achieved with you

Awards and certificates:

گواهینامه بین المللی HACCP
گواهینامه بین المللی ISO 22000